How much electricity does the gutter heating require?

A gutter heater protects both the gutter and the downpipes from snow and ice. Gutters can deform in winter under a heavy snow load and the downpipes can burst during heavy icing.

Safety through heating at the gutter

Rain gutters, downpipes and the roof of the building can be damaged in heavy snowfall. Especially when sunshine causes snow and ice to thaw and then freeze again, the amount of ice in a gutter quickly becomes too heavy.

The gutter heating protects against such damage and protects the building. However, in order for the trough heating to be able to develop its full efficiency, it must be calculated accordingly.

Calculation of the power

The calculation of the power always depends on the length of the gutter and differs according to normal semicircular gutters and box gutters.

Power consumption for a standard gutter

A standard half-round roof gutter can be fitted with a heating cable of 30 watts per meter of gutter up to a height of 1,000 meters above sea level. Most systems are self-regulating and require little attention. Hal Example semicircular standard rain gutter

30 watts per meter with a house length of 10 meters corresponds to a total of 600 watts. However, these are not constantly called up, but the heating only switches on when it falls below a certain temperature.

Electricity requirement at a box channel

Depending on the width of the channel, a second heating tape is installed here. For this one must look at the recommendations of the manufacturer, since these turn out differently. However, a 100 millimeter wide box gutter will not require a second band yet. This is usually only required from a width of about 240 millimeters.

Tips & TricksMost producers of gutter heaters state that the heater can also be used on a plastic gutter because of the low heat generation.

But you should rather do without it, because the constant temperature fluctuations cause the plastic trough to age disproportionately fast and become brittle and porous. So if you want to use a gutter heater, it is best to use a metal gutter.

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